“Noi due” wants to highlight the extraordinary relationship between twins.
Being born on the same day, sharing the same womb and living and growing up in two, significantly changes the perception of life.
The bond between twins is unique and special, whether they are the same or different, the person you become is conditioned by the presence of the other half of yourself.
With this project I want to represent the uniqueness of this phenomenon, trying to capture the essence of what unites each of the couples.
One of the main reasons that prompted me to investigate this topic was the fact that being twins, for me, is much more than just sharing genes, it is the knowledge that there will always be someone for you, it is boundless love, it is living together throughout childhood and adolescence and building an unbreakable bond, despite distance and life’s events, it is constant support.
My aim has been to create a photographic series highlighting the intertwined bond between twins.

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